Nessy Recommends // Baba – Land Of The Damned

Baba - Land of the Damned

Nessy Recommends // Baba – Land Of The Damned

Baba’s ‘Land of the Damned’ is the follow up to the feisty ‘I, Defy’, which automatically set about Siobhan Lynch as being an artist on her terms.

Good music always seems like it’s easy, that’s the deception.  ‘Land of the Damned’ is a track which will deceive you. Put on your headphones, listen to it again. The layers of instrumentation and production are just so on point.  The bassline is to die for. Alongside the lyrics, they weave almost a gothic tapestry of  doomed love.

The track was written by Siobhan and was recorded and produced by Gavin Glass in Orphan Studios in Dublin.

2018 has shown Siobhan Lynch to be an original, strong writing and vision of where she wants to go. These, coupled with an instantly recognisable, timeless voice, give Baba the tools to stand head and shoulders above others.

There’s only one problem, I want to hear more music and I want to hear it now!

You can find Baba on her website and on Facebook, Insta and Twitter


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