The London Ear #459 // Guest: The Line (Brian Dillon)

Black and White promo shot of The Line - Brian Dillon
Credit: Mark McGuiness

So I had this week’s radio show was pre-recorded before we got the news that 2XM was to close. You can read what I’ve written. It’s as good a time as any to get back into documenting who I speak to and what I play every week on The London Ear, I want to ensure I have a complete full archive here.

Interview with Brian Dillon AKA The Line

Brian Dillon is a musician and producer, and a member of the band Meltybrains? who are thoroughly intriguing and beautifully brilliant. He has also just released an absolutely stunning collaborative album, ‘Red Blood Cells and Righteousness’, under the moniker, The Line. The album, which is released on Strange Brew Records, features people like Sarah Corcoran from Pillow Queens, Loah, God Knows, Caoi De Barra and Sorcha Richardson to name just a few. I would highly recommend you check it out. It’s mind-blowingly good.

For fans of the Irish band, Toasted Heretic, the album was inspired by frontman, Julian Gough’s book, ‘Connect’. Go read it!

I’m genuinely delighted to have had the chance to speak to Brian about the record. Now that our 2XM platform will be no more, each of these conversations is more special.

You can get your hands on a copy of Red Blood Cells and Righteousness on Bandcamp. Check out Brian on Instagram.

The London Ear Playlist // Nov 18 2023

Here’s what was on the menu on this week’s episode of The London Ear.
Hour 1:
Mount Palomar+ Marina: Embers
Voids: Uncompleted
Everything Everything: Cold Reactor
Pillow Queens: Suffer
The Clockworks: Lost in The Moment
The Amniotics: HMPB
Honas: Everyday Life
HAWKE THE BAND: If I Made The World
Nessy Recommends: Partland: Last Chance Hero
Ava Jay: Nice Girls
Patrick Stefan: Don’t Be Afraid
Fia Moon: On Fire
Corrugated Tunnel: Hold Back
Elliot Mo: Circles
Hour 2
Soda Blonde: Boys
Antony Szmeriek: Dance Better
Sound of The Underground: Kid Of The Star System: Rockets To The Sun
The Line Ft Feel Bad Movie Club: Earth Died Streaming
Conversation with Brian Dillion – AKA The Line (Part 1)
The Line Ft Sarah Corcoran: Hero of Coincidence
Conversation with Brian Dillion – AKA The Line (Part 2)
The Line Ft Dan Fox and Neev: The World Told No Lies
THEE U.F.O.: Junk Funk Garbage
Def Nettle: Boat Race
Velourias: A Forest of Lungs
My Sweet Beloved: Houndstooth

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