Nessy Recommends // Shura: religion (u can lay your hands on me)

still from Shura's video for her track 'religion'

It’s three months since Shura gave us BKLYNLDN and a glimpse into what direction her long awaited second album would take. The build up to the release of ‘Forevher’ has just take a major leap forward and has made Shura a queer queen for our times.

I’ve loved Shura’s music since I first heard it. She beautifully mixes an eighties electronic vibe with today’s contemporary world for someone special. ‘religion’ though, this is something on a different level.

Being the George Michael fan I am, the very first bars of ‘religion’ instantly reminded me of ‘I Want Your Sex’. That reaction was pretty spot on.

‘religion’ tells the story of a long distance relationship and to be totally honest, it’s so fcuking refreshing to a queer anthem about wanting to get it on with your new love. This new chapter of Shura’s music seems, so far, to show an extra freedom and a serious danceability. Catchy hooks, and a new lady love anthem. And that’s before we even get to the video.

Once upon a time, Madonna was thee gay icon. Remember ‘Like a Prayer’? Burning crosses, sexy moving statues and Madonna flirting with possibly a black female God. Biggest shock of all, I kissed a boy at a school disco when this was on. ALL of that is well in the past.

Step forward Shura, who on Facebook described herself as ‘your friendly neighbourhood vaping lesbian Pope’. Dancing nuns in empty swimming pools, kissing and smoking and Pope herself, Shura performing a nun wedding. Directed by Chloe Wall, this is pure brillance. Totally irreverent, I love it, your Grandmother will probably hate it, which obviously means Shura is doing something right.

I have listened to this over and over and I’m disappointed every time the track ends. Stick it on your next Spotify playlist.

Shura’s album ‘Forevher’ is released on August 20th on Secretly Canadian. You can preorder on her website.She’s also hitting the road, you can get full tour dates and tickets here.

Now, put your headphones on and crank up the volume.