Watch // Q&A with Dave Browne from Picturehouse

Screenshot of Dave Brown from Picturehouse at home in his studio with a microphone beside him

Watch // Q&A with Dave Browne from Picturehouse

Last Thursday night, I did an impromptu Q&A session online with Dave Browne from Legendary Irish band, Picturehouse.

The band have just released a live album, the master of which was found a couple of months ago. The album ‘1999 – Live in Dublin’ was recorded at a gig that the band played in the Olympia in Dublin on October 30th.

We had a great catch up and Dave even played three songs. It was a planned thing at all and I was delighted that Craig from asked me to do the Q&A earlier that evening.

I was blown away with all the comments and banter on Facebook, it was genuinely a lovely evening! Make sure you grab a copy of the album!

Check out the chat here: