Where are they now? INXS’ Artane Boys Band Cover Stars


Just by pure coincidence I was sitting at home, doing some writing. I had a quick look at Facebook where Ciaran Gribbin‘s status said he was playing in Adelaide tonight. For those not in the know, Ciaran is now lead singer with INXS.

First off I went to Deezer and listened to the album ‘Kick’ and then I started listening to ‘Welcome to Wherever You Are’. When I saw the album cover, it came flooding back that the guys on the cover were in the Artane’s Boys Band. The album was released 20 years ago in August.

Now I want to find them? If you know any of these guys, please let me know nessy @ nessymon.com I’d love to chat to them for my radio show to see what they remember about the time. Tell one, tell all, help me find the INXS cover stars!