Playlist: Sound of The Underground

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Sound of The Underground on The London Ear

A couple of months ago, my radio show, The London Ear, became a weekly two-hour show, which I’m really grateful for. This meant I could include more music including a new segment called ‘Sound Of The Underground.’ It’s the part of the show where I introduce listeners to London-based musicians or artists they may not be familiar with.

I play a lot of Irish music on the radio but also feel it’s important to look outwards in the world too. I live in South East London. I don’t live in a bubble, none of us do. Even if you move to a new town, you’ll discover new music there. I think it’s important to support new artists no matter where they are from. As I have a platform, I feel it is right and proper to highlight London-based artists where I can.

Why Call It This?

Why did I call the segment Sound of The Underground? If I go on a journey anywhere in London on my own, I always have my earphones in. Most people do. So music has become the Sound of The Underground, plus there’s a great Girls Aloud song I can use as a theme.

For one, I’ve really enjoyed searching for London artists. For me, it’s a great way to find out more about what’s happening at grassroots level here in London.

Listen on Spotify

I’ve put all the tracks I’ve featured, including this week’s from Oscar Browne, into this handy playlist for you on Spotify. Every week, the latest track featured will be added to the top of the playlist.

If you know an artist that you think I should feature on ‘Sound of The Underground’, do get in touch. I’m always on the lookout! Send an email to nessy(at)

Enjoy the tunes!