Nessy Recommends // lullahush – If Spring Had A Spare Room I’d Rent It With You

lullahush is wearing a pink hoodie and faded denim jacket

This track definitely has won the best track title of the year. lullahush’s debut track, ‘If Spring Had A Spare Room I’d Rent It With You’ is a dreamy, whimsical composition, which starts with jittery vocal layers which build in waves. The production seems deceptively sparse. Stick some headphones on and it’s beautifully rounded in its own bubble.

lullashush has recently signed a worldwide publishing deal with BDi publishing and has previously written with artists such as AE Mak and Elkin. lullahush was also chosen to attend the Red Bull Academy in Berlin. Getting to do that is a hell of a hard job.

lullashush’s ditty is the electronic version of emo.

According to the blurb the track was inspired by a Raymond Carver poem called ‘Morning, Thinking of Empire’. “For me it articulates this idea of small love – the simple connection of everyday relationships that make up life. Spring is like this. It’s not boisterous or over the top, it’s got just the right amount of hope. The song kind of looks at Winter as a sadness that Spring offers an escape from, and how if we could just get from one to the other we’d be ok.” Cheers Mr. lullahush!

You can find out more about lullahush on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Have a look at the video, I can’t help but think how frozen they are by the end!

Photo by Christopher Wallace taken from Facebook