Playlist: Christmas in Ireland

Christmas in Ireland Playlist Image

Playlist: Christmas in Ireland

About 2 years ago, I started putting a playlist together on Spotify of contemporary Irish artists playing Christmas and Winter Songs. I just left it there and didn’t share it. I thought it was now a good time to do that.

If you need a soundtrack to your festivities, I would encourage you to use this playlist. If you are a retailer or pub, use this soundtrack. Over the past couple of years, we know that musicians and venues have had a really tough time. If we can share their music, maybe even gain one new fan who buys some music, that’s a win.

Support Irish Musicians

I know Spotify isn’t great at all with paying artists for their streams and even if we played this 24/7 for a year, it wouldn’t be enough to help financially. But, what we can do is use the tools we have to help support Irish artists and give a little back to those who kept us entertained with nightly live streams during lockdowns.

If playing this music can encourage people to support or possibly find their new favourite Irish artist, then that’s a good thing.

Listen on Spotify.

I hope you enjoy this playlist. I’m hoping to keep adding to this over the next few Christmases.

You can listen below or go directly to the playlist here.