A Plastic Rose: The Promise Notes Review

A Plastic Rose - The Promise NotesNorthern Ireland’s A Plastic Rose have come up trumps with their seven track release ‘The Promise Notes’. With a sound rooted in nineties alt-rock, the band have managed to come up with a solid radio friendly sound that’s sure to get them noticed.

The Di Di Mau release starts off with ‘Oceans’ which opens in dramatic anthemic fashion before a double time tempo adds to the intensity of the track. Little flourishes of strings and extra vocal lines fill the track and it becomes a hell of a lot more than just a standard rock track. One thing noticeable the throughout is the passion with which the band play and sing.

Slightly moody, edgy and comfortable in their skins, A Plastic Rose like to change the tempo of their tracks, as featured again in ‘The Stuttering’. It works and should work remarkably well live, building up to fist clenching finishes. ‘Tiger Tail’ starts off with a tender guitar and bass and they make the most of dual vocalists.

This is a solid release which should pave the way for the band to play to better audiences and to get a full length album out. When they do, you’d better be first in line for the tickets. Total Rockdom beckons.