Sophie B. Hawkins & David LaChapelle

tongues and tails

I was looking through some stuff online and found this…

I had completely forgotten that David LaChapelle had taken this photo of Sophie or the fact that he did the photography for Sophie’s first album, ‘Tongues and Tails’.

Goes to show how often we actually look at the album notes anymore.. I listened to the album the other day!

When Sophie came to Ireland in 2005, I looked after the booking of the tour and for all the  PR for her.

I’m quite proud to say it was a very successful stay here in Ireland.

sophie lachapelle

Sophie has spoken about the photograph..

Excerpt taken from here

RS: Speaking about beautiful, I’ve got to ask you some questions about your past. I remember an article in Details magazine, you did this really interesting interview and there are these photos of you pouring milk on yourself.
Sophie: Oh wow, yes, I remember that.

RS: What was the inspiration and the meaning behind the milk?
Sophie: Well, see this was me and David LaChapelle, who I love so much. Because he did the first album cover and David and I had a vibe right from the very beginning, and I think it’s because David and I really love nature. Do you know David?

RS: I know his work, he does really creative photography.
Sophie: Well he’s very beautiful, he’s so oriented in nature and we really bring that out of each other as you can see on the Tongues and Tails album covers. He gets really in nature and that was where I like to be and so it was wonderful. So for this shoot, he threw me in this gown, he hiked up my tits and he said stand over there. We were on a dairy farm and this farmer came by with some fresh warm milk and he wanted us to taste it. Instead of tasting the milk, I poured it over my leg. It was just an instinct and David thought it was so beautiful. Then when I saw the pictures I thought it was so beautiful. I don’t know if it was just the moment. It was warm, sexy milk, fresh out of a cow and it couldn’t have felt better. It was a freezing day, in upstate New York and the milk felt wonderful. And that’s what happened.

Milk Photograph from Here

Tongues and Tails Cover from Here

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