Guns n’ Roses: Live at The 02, Dublin, Review

Following Guns n’ Roses September 2010 gig, where after a long wait for the band, someone threw a bottle and Axl left the stage, this gig seemed like it was a last chance for the GnR on our shores. Putting it nicely, Axl pissed off a hell of a lot of punters. This was a make or break gig and ended up being one of the best rock performances I have ever seen. The music started at 1930 with Vengeance and The Panther Queen followed by Thin Lizzy. They left the stage about 21.20 and the audience had to wait an hour before Axl & Co. hit the stage. I left the venue at about 120 am after three hours of the best rock music around. You can read all about my adventures on Goldenplec.

Enjoy the video!