Tune of the Week // Road Wives – Miracle

Road_Wives - Tune of the Week

Road_Wives - Tune of the Week

This week’s Tune of the Week comes from Dublin’s Road Wives. Enter potential tune of the Summer, ‘Miracle’.

Who is Road Wives

Road Wives is Jack Quinn, who is described as ‘a DJ, producer and recording artist’. He’s from Dublin and his bro is Declan Quinn ex Republic of Loose. In 2015 got together to record some music and ‘Miracle’ is the lead track from the EP, ‘This is Happening’.

The track also features CC Brez on guitars & bass, Zamo Riffman from Sing Street and Eve Macklin (Cats, Les Miserables) on backing vocals.

It’s no surprise that there is a definite tinge of the Loose on this track. With added electronic vibes and a serious danceability, this is a tune that you’ll be hard not find yourself dancing to. In fact, it could be really hard to pin this track to a year or era. It’s modern, contemporary but there’s a serious bang of 1987 from it. In my books, that’s definitely not a bad thing.

It’s uplifting, cheery and ‘let there be light, let there be love’ just radiates positivity. That’s before you see the video. Add some politics and the juxtaposition of the positivity of the song and the downright crapness of the real world and you get something totally motivational.

Good job Mr Quinn.

You can find out more about Road Wives on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Insta