Tune of The Week 22/03/2012: Plan B

plan_b_ill_manorsI honestly can’t remember the last time I pre-ordered a single on iTunes, I’m not sure I ever have. Last night at 23.03, I got an email reminder that my preorder was now available to download. I’ve been playing this all week on YouTube and played it from YouTube on DCUfm last night.

This new track from Plan B is the cleverest amalgamation of music and words I have heard in a lot time. The rawness of the vocals, the pops of the plosives on the mic, make this so real. Yes, it’s a social commentary and there are some who will take the words out of context and Ben Drew probably will get the blame and be told he’s inciting riots himself. Cop on and read his words. Some one needs to hold a mirror up to society. I’m also looking forward to the film. It looks set to continue the gritty London we have previously seen in Noel Clarke‘s films. You have to respect someone who has gotten off his ass and got two separate careers, one in music and one in film off the ground. Hat’s off to Mr Drew!

Now see down with a cuppa and watch Ben’s Ted talk.