MTV For Dublin Promo Filming

About a month ago I interviewed David O’Keefe who founded the MTV for Dublin campaign.

The following week we had to come up with an idea for Projects for Multimedia in college. Everyone would vote for the ‘best idea’ and the top 11/12 would be made.

I came up with the idea to make a promo for The MTV campaign to promote Dublin, show that its an upbeat, cool, fun place to be. I had discussed my idea with David and he told me we could put the video on the MTV for Dublin site and Facebook page.

As these pages would be the kind of thing the MTV people would look at, you never knew you would look at it. Plus at last glance the facebook page had over 10000 members, so a lot of people could potentially see it.

I was delighted to find out that my idea was voted by by classmates as the top idea 🙂 and I would have the opportunity to oversee the production of the promo video. The guys chosen to work with me on the project are Fionnuala Curran and Blaithin McCormack.

Last weekend I took out the camera for a trial run, and got some good footage including some of singer/songwriter who agreed to be featured in the video.

Yesterday we went filming again and I’m really happy with how things went. We might do another couple of hours shoooting just to get a few extra snippets but I’m happy with what we have. Now all we have to do is edit.

We’ve also come up with a nice little soundtrack for the piece.

Initially I suggested a 30 second, 1 minute and 2 minute version but I think we might do completely different versions for each time.

The one major blow for us was that MTV actually gave this years EMAs to Madrid. After consulting our lecturer, we decided to proceed as planned. We can get a head start for the 2011 campaign.

The final project has to be completed in a week’s time, we have a presentation to do on Monday.

Time to get editing 🙂

I’ll post a link when the video is up