The First Two Months With Odeon Limitless

Odeon Limitless // nessymon

One of the things I really miss about Dublin is how often I used to go to the cinema. I was also lucky enough to be able to go to press screenings and then write about those movies on the digital pages of this here blog.

Here in London, commuting is high on my list of pet hates. It takes about an hour to get to and from work on packed trains each day. If you go straight home, there’s little incentive to actually get up and head back into town for an evening. It feels like a chore.

Talulah was off for a couple of days for her birthday in June, (while I couldn’t get the days off) and headed for some chilled time in the cinema. Kinda jealous by that, we went to see another movie the following weekend when I was able to go.

Before I go any further, this is NOT an ad, I’m just telling you about how much sense this makes.

Here’s the thing. Cinema tickets are expensive, approximately £14.50 depending on the time of day and location. By going to two films that week, Talulah actually paid more than what we would pay per month if we got Odeon Limitless cards. You also get invites to movies previews and you get 10% off certain products at the counter. Those nachos and hot cheese are sooo bad for you but they taste so good!!

Limitless cards cost us £19.99 per month as we include cinemas in central London. That’s about a fiver more than seeing one film. And there are more Odeon cinemas closer to us than any other so it’s a no brainer.

We’ve now made a little ritual of going to the cinema. Once the following week’s times are released, we book for the Friday evening. In the space of two months, it’s become our thing.

We signed up online and then went to see a film where we were given a temporary paper card until our actual card arrived in the post. It took about 7 working days. Just be aware, you need to take a photo of yourself on your phone before you apply online. The photo you supply will be printed on the card, so there’s no spreading the card around among your mates!

Since then, we’ve seen films in four different cinemas. Covent Garden, Haymarket, Tottenham Court Road and Surrey Quays. I think our favourite is Covent Garden. Even though it is central London, it’s never extremely busy.

The Haymarket Odeon must be experienced. There are, maybe, 50 seats, all recliner chairs, with a little arm tray for your drinks and nibbles.

So what have we seen?

  • McQueen
  • The Happy Prince
  • Hereditary
  • Whitney
  • Sicario 2
  • The Secret of Marrowbone
  • Ant-Man and The Wasp
  • Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again!
  • Mission: Impossible – Fallout
  • The Meg
  • The Darkest Minds

Next Up:

The Equalizer 2

If you like your movies and want to make yourself leave the house, think about getting an Odeon Limitless card. Go as many movies as you want, as many times as you want to for £19.99 a month. Done Deal.

So would you like me to review more movies? Let me know!