The 1975 – Sex (Explicit New Video)

The1975There’s not many bands that I would post about twice in one week but hey, it’s The 1975 and I can’t help myself.

The band’s self titled debut album will be released through Polydor/Dirty Hit on September 2nd and has been produced by Mick Crossey who has worked with Arctic Monkeys, Jake Bugg and Ireland’s own Cashier No. 9.

It’s a strange one, the band had previously released ‘Sex’ and ‘The City’ and have re-recorded both for the album. The original version of Sex seemed to have slightly more urgency about it. The new versions are slightly more polished than the originals maybe because world domination beckons.

Sex has also been given a new video, yes it’s explicit, there’s drugs, naked bods and and left the f word in.. If you’re under 18, here’s a nice video for you to look at instead.

Did you know ?

1. lead singer Matt Healy’s folks are Denise Welch from Loose Women and Tim Healy from Auf Wiedersehen, Pet. There ye go!

2. At 1.37 in this video, the television is showing the old video for Sex.