Hogan: 1,2,3,4! / Dance=Sex Review

HoganA new two track from Hogan landed on my desk this morning! The follow up to ‘Five Years On’,  ‘1, 2, 3, 4,’ is an uptempo pop punk track with distorted guitars and quite a funky rhythm section. Where ‘Five Years On’ seemed to be a band battling to find where the fit, this firmly sits in pop/punk even though in a funky breakdown they proclaim to ‘have no genre cos they keep changing’. Overall it’s well produced, though the over distorted guitars get a bit much, especially when there’s a dreaded key change.

‘Dance=Sex’ is quite a funky uptempo track with effected vocals. No doubt in a live setting, the ‘Hey’ refrain should work well. Here though, it seems a little manic but it’s enough to drive the pop punkers into a frenzy.