Follow Friday?

If you’re on Twitter, you’re sure to have come across Follow Friday or #FF.

Follow Friday seems to have started as a nice way to recommend people you find interesting to your ‘followers’.

At this stage though, I’m not sure if it works anymore. I understand that its a nice tip of the hat to people, who’s tweets you enjoy reading but now people in general are savvy with how twitter works and can find interesting people pretty easily.

Applications like Tweetdeck have made it a lot easier to follow more people and still keep up with your favourites.

What happens every Friday now, is there is a stream of tweets that are tagged #FF and to be perfectly honest, I ignore them.

I like Twitter but the constant stream of #FF on a Friday makes me stay away until the day is nearly done. The faux obligatory #FF tweets tend to make me cringe which are simply lists of usernames.

How many if these people do we actually know? In the real world how many would you say to friends ‘yeah he’s a good bloke, be his friend’.

Twitter is no doubt a great social media tool, a networking device. I think Follow Friday was developed to give Twitter a more personal touch. I’m not sure it entirely worked.