Thesis // The Roll Out of Digital Audio Broadcasting in Ireland

Thesis - Roll out of DAB in Ireland - nessymon

Thesis - Roll out of DAB in Ireland - nessymon

Ok, I better give this its full title

The Roll Out of Digital Audio Broadcasting in Ireland and Explorations into the Future Radio Landscape

In 2012, I was finishing my degree in Dublin City University, a BSc in Multimedia. I decided to do a thesis on The Roll Out of Digital Audio Broadcasting in Ireland. At the initial presentation stage, I was told I needed to cut back, that I was trying to do a Phd in three months with this. So I ended up with what we have here.

I really enjoyed researching this and chatting to everyone about digital radio in Ireland.

Why put this online now?

Over the past few weeks, people have asked me if they could read my thesis. You have two options for that. You could go to the library in Dublin City University and sit own and read my written book or, now, you could read it here.

Although my thesis covers online radio, satellite radio and what most people consider digital radio, your little radio box that also has FM, it’s a shame that in the five years since I wrote this, that not a lot seems to have changed with DAB in Ireland. Even RTÉ 2XM, on which I present The London Ear, is still technically in a trial.

I guess some of the interest has come since this article has appeared on RadioToday about the closure of dB Digital Broadcasting’s DAB multiplex.

Topics covered in my Thesis

  • Digital Audio Broadcasting in Ireland
    • Digital Broadcasting from The Broadcaster’s View
    • DAB Formats
    • Regulation Issues
    • More Choice?
  • IP Based Radio
    • Irish Statistics
    • Audience Listening Habits
    • Broadcast Bandwidth Concerns
    • How Internet Audio Stream Providers Work
    • 4G Rollout in Ireland.
    • WiFi Radio Case Study:
  • Satellite Radio
  • Converging Platforms
    • Hybrid Radio
    • Smartphone App Development
    • Radio You Can See
  • Other Digital Possibilities
    • HD Radio
    • Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)
    • Alternative Radio Business
  • Future DAB/DAB+ Trials in Ireland

People I spoke to for my thesis

  • Dusty Rhodes,
  • Andy Green, Brendan Kehoe, Total Broadcast
  • Robin Crowley, Gaydar Radio
  • Donal Quinlan, Cork FM
  • Paul Campbell, Amazing Radio
  • Greg Parke,
  • Garvan Rigby, Spirit Radio
  • Dave Timpson,RTÉ
  • PatBalfe, Communicorp
  • Peter Bradshaw, United Christian Broadcasting
  • Gregory Orton, Solaris Mobile
  • Denzil Lacey, Zava Media
  • Lisa Ní Choisdealbha, Independent Broadcasters of Ireland
  • SimonYoung, Radio/TV Presenter

Read My Thesis Here

You can read my thesis here. Click and it will open in a new page or you can save it, Right Click Save As..

Please do realise that everything was present and correct in 2012, things happen, things change, companies change, personnel change, life changes. Trump gets voted POTUS.

Contact me and DCU if you want to use anything from this

Yes, I wrote this, but the physical book in property of Dublin City University. If you want to use anything from this, please contact me and DCU.

Want me to do more?

I really enjoyed researching this. I hope you enjoy reading it. I would love to have the opportunity to study this further. If anyone would like offer me grants to update or bring this to Phd level, please get in touch. I would be eternally grateful.

Roll Out of DAB in Ireland – Vanessa Monaghan – Copyright nessymon 2012

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