Extras Wanted: Open Casting Weekend

movie extrasHere’s one for the wannabe actors among us, or anyone who would like to see their mug on the telly!

Movieextras.ie are holding an open casting weekend from Friday 15th July – Sunday 17th July at the Westbury Hotel, just off Grafton Street in Dublin.

As well as maybe ending up taking part in a production it can be a great way to meet people working in the TV and Film industry and if you’re chosen a great way of finding out what actually does go behind the scenes.

Movieextras.ie is now working on its 1000th production and have been involved in productions such as The Tudors, Fair City and are currently working on Shadow Dancer, a new film starring Aidan Gillen, Clive Owen and the X-Files’ Gillian Anderson. Hell! I’d sign up to even be able to be in the same room as Clive Owen!

(Edit 15/7/2011: When I first got this information there was no indication you needed to pay for this. Heck, I’ve been to open castings before and I never had to pay for the priviledge. However, it seems to be the case that you have to pay a years membership anyway. This is from a PR email I got:

‘All are welcome to attend the open casting weekend. The cost for an individual one year membership is €99.95 and for a special family package is €299 (for up to 6 members) and includes 3 professional photographs. Those who are unable to attend the Open Casting Weekend can register online at www.MovieExtras.ie.’

To be honest I now think if MovieExtras.ie are charging you to take part in open casting then they need to rename what they are doing and clearly explain. This is basically another recruitment drive for them.)