Cars Love Girls: Lose Your Mind Review

Cars-like-GirlsCars Love Girls release their debut single ‘Lose Your Mind’ on October 14th. The brother/sister band features Bres, of Republic of Loose and female vocalist Orla who joined the Loose in 2006.

We’re in for a good dose of funky R ‘n’ B, with some serious Prince influences, which is never a bad thing. This is probably also helped on by the fact that mastering was done by Bernie Grundman, who lended his ears to Purple Rain. Lyrically, the track is very ROL, not surprising as Bres wrote some to their biggest tracks. Orla’s vocals are made for this type track, and the vocal layers and slight reverb lead this track beautifully through its rise and falls.

Really good debut and introduction for the album ‘Skip School’ which is due out in early 2012. Life after the Loose is looking good. Really like this track.

Watch out for Cars Love Girls on tour with Bressie, and on the IMRO Showcase tour on September 29th in Crawdaddy and Hard Working Class Heroes in October.

Lose Your Mind by cars love girls