DCUfm Afternoon Playlist: 15/06/2012 – My Last Show

My first show on DCUfm was on September 30th 2009. It was the very first Culture Cafe, I’ve lost count of how many shows I’ve done since then. I’ve had LOTS of fun. Thanks to everyone who ever did an interview, sent me music, came in for a chat, chatting on the phone. Thanks to the dustbin guy who passed at the same time every week and became a regular part of the show.

Thanks to the management of station. This year Seamus and RJ and before that Denis and Alan who did a great job in keeping everything together.

So today was my last show. I’ll be done in DCU in about six weeks so it’s time for the big bad world. Thanks for listening. Oh, perspective radio employers.. I’m available for work 🙂

Here’s what happened today:

Elton John Vs Panu – Morning To The Night – Cahill Remix
Martin Solveig: The Night Out
Alex Clare: Too Close
Caan: Into The Night
Bouts: Get Sick
Funeral Suits: Mary’s Revenge
Kopek: Love is Dead
Time is a Thief:
Silhouette: Running Against The Wall
Sound of Guns: Sometimes
The Army: All in White
Red Sail: Paper Cutouts
The Man Whom: Sing Til There’s No Songs Left
The Radioactive Grandma: Chasing My Tail
The Answer: Rise
The Cast of Cheers: Animals
Fred and Bob: Eagle
Raglans: Digging Holes
The Proud: Emerald Army
Trap’s Green Army: All is Possible
Duke Special: Punch of A Friend
Chat with Simon from The Clap
The Clap: One Fell Out of the Cuckoo’s Nest
The Shoos: Say Something
The Plea: Oh Ah Yay
Cfit: Base Isolation
Saint Motel: 1997
Haim: Better Off
Mark Geary: Fireflies
Aidan: Bells of the morning
Foreign Slippers: The Winner Takes It All