Calling All Astronauts: Two Track Review

Calling all AstronautsThe first thing that hits you about ‘Calling All Astronauts‘ is how different they are to a lot of today’s music scene. Gothic electro punk with politically charged lyrics.

‘Living In the Shadow of The Red Flag’ is a sonic explosion of samples and cleverly programmed beats and synths fused together with distorted guitar lines. Vocally the track veers from all out punk on the verse to a gothic refrain reminiscent in production, to this writer, of Sisters of Mercy’s ‘This Corrosion’. Delightful to hear.

‘Someone Like You’ has a cleaner sound. A time change in the track see the band keeping to the punk ethos while still maintaining the Goth style vocals. CAA have an interesting sound, combining elements from different genres to create their own unique brand.

What interests me is that these tracks are unmastered as yet and merely a hint of what is to come. The band features JJ Browning (previously of pop punkers Caffeine) and David B of rap-metallers US:UK, so they have the experience and the know how. A little time and planning and things could get loud.. I’m looking forward to hearing more material.