AFI: Fainting Spells Review

crash love

Every week I’m going to try and review a track that a signed band or artist is giving anyway for free. More and more artists are using this as a promotional tool in advance of a major release, all for your email address being added to their mailing list.

That’s exactly what AFI (A Fire Inside) have done ahead of the release of their new new album Crash Love which is being released on September 29 in the United States.

What do I know about AFI? Absolutely nothing

Looking at the band’s bio on their site, I’m shocked that they have been together 18 years and this will be their eighth studio album. The Bay Area band went to number one with their last album DecemberUnderground and sold nearly 200000 units in its first week, not bad going at all.. Why haven’t we heard more of these guys on this side of the Atlantic or have I been asleep?


Back to the track at hand ‘Fainting Spells’, starts with acoustic guitar and vocals reminiscent of Brian Moloko of Placebo and Morten Harket from Aha.

Full electric kicks in for the chorus, in a rock style that wouldn’t be out of place alongside Lost Prophets but the track has a little something more than your average punkrock song as the track moves between acoustic and full rock through verse chorus verse. Some clever programming provides an interesting breakdown.

The Morten Harket influence ? Melody in the pre chorus isn’t that unlike Aha’s Stay On These Roads (which I haste to add isn’t something I would hold against them.. 2 thumbs up!)

Free Music – always good! Great Free Music – Even Better!

I’ll be checking out the album.

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