Buzz FM

Occasionally blasts from a previous lifetime crosses paths with current lifelines. Once such event happened maybe a year ago when I met Greg Parke again through Facebook (Big up the power of social media and networking).

I had met Greg many years ago when he was running Energy Radio in Navan, Co. Meath, (coincidently mentioned in ‘Running up that Hill’). Lyndsey Dolan and Bernard Woods aka Captain Hollywood, were also jocks on the station. Lyndsey is now a regular on CountryMix here in Ireland.

Bernard died two years ago after being in a coma following a car crash. Proud to say I knew him. A neighbour from home and fellow jock! Hollywood’s (Bernard will always be Hollywood to me) brother, songwriter Billy Woods is a friend and actually helped me move last time I had to!

I did a night-time show 9-12, also did a drive time show. I prerecorded a few shows for the odd occasion that my work schedules clashed. One of the weirdest things ever is listening to the radio and hearing yourself presenting while you’re working another job!

So that’s a bit of background. Today I was on Facebook again and had heard through Greg about Buzz FM.. didn’t know much so I started investigating.. (its playing Shakespear’s Sister – You’re History as we speak:) It’s good!

A decent mix of music! Since I tuned in La Roux, Shakira, Aztec Camera.. pretty eclectic mix!

The station is online at and there are plans to go FM in Europe… better move than going DAB methinks!

The way things are economically I’m sure the general public, me included, are watching all their pennies and I don’t think DAB radios have come down in price enough for every home to have one yet. Saying that I don’t think that Station bosses have the money to push the DAB side of things…

Greg, you’re an inspiration! Keep fighting the fight!