The London Ear on RTE 2XM: Show 4 Oct 9 2013


Show 4 of The London Ear and it’s jammers! Thanks to my guests Gavin James, Kris from More Than Conquerors and Daniel Woolhouse aka Deptford Goth. Thanks to MCD too, for the tickets for this week’s competition to Deptford Goth in the Unitarian Church on Stephen’s Green in Dublin on October 18th.

Here’s what happened:

1. Intro
2. Saint Motel: Get Free
3. Chat with Gavin James
4. Gavin James: Remember Me
5. Orla Gartland: Bandit
6. More Than Conquerors: Smoke, Lung, Trees, Knee
7. Chat with Kris from More Than Conquerors (Part 1)
8. More Than Conquerors:Amounts to Nothing
9. Chat with Kris from More Than Conquerors (Part 2)
10. More Than Conquerors: Pits to Old
11. Strangers: Fires
12. Chat with Deptford Goth
13. Deptford Goth: Bloody Lip
14. Carried by Waves: Between The Sea

Thanks for listening, you can listen live every Wednesday at 1400 and the repeat on Sunday nights at 2100. You can listen to the show again on the RTE player. Here’s the catch, on the player The London Ear is still showing up under the name of my old Dublin based show, Culture Cafe so search for that instead.

If you are in a band based in Ireland or the UK and would like to get involved in the show, email me nessy @ (take out the gaps)

Til next time!