Take That: Progressed Review

Take That ProgressedIt’s not too surprising that Take That have chosen to release Progressed as a two disc edition rather than a brand new separate release. Just as the original five get back together on tour for the first time in fifteen years, the two disc edition is a nice little shot in the arm for the fastest selling album of the century. Plus every die hard fan will want it.

Lead single from ‘Progressed’ is ‘Love Love’, taken from the soundtrack to ‘X Men: First Class’, a little bit gritty and electro than a lot of Take That’s previous releases.  While lead single from ‘Progress’, stayed pretty much in line with what the group had released with Beautiful World and The Circus, you can hear a more electro Robbie Williams influence here.  Even the production on Don’t Say Goodbye has a certain Pet Shop Boys vibe.

‘Man’ is an interesting, a dance track with a phat bass, it features vocals and a vibe that will bring die hard fans straight to the early ‘Do What You Like’. The Mark Owen led ”The Day the Work is done’ is a decent mid tempo track, while the thumping ‘Beautiful’ reminds me The Killers/Brandon Flowers.

To these ears, Love Love is the best of the eight tracks. If Take That were to push another track from Progressed, it would probably be the nostalgic ‘When We Were Young’, which would be ideal to close the Progress chapter.

Every fan will buy it and it will be probably be number 1 by the end of the week.