Spector: Live in Whelan’s, Dublin (Video)

I’ve been looking forward to seeing Spector for a while. I enjoy their pop indie sound, their energy and their attitude, plus Fred McPherson is a pop/rock star we’ve been waiting a while for and he proved he had the showmanship to take this onto the stage.

Clever witty banter, musically sound, the band shone. Something weird happened during the gig though and it’s harder for me to write about this as I know one of the people involved. A local radio station in Dublin changed the lyrics for ‘Chevy Thunder’ to Hairy Panda and someone I know made a video for it and put it on Youtube. When I interviewed Chris from Spector, he hadn’t heard about it and googled it as we were chatting. (sound bloke by the way).

During the night pieces of paper with the words ‘Hairy Panda’ were handed out and the two people ended up on stage, which was weird. Unfortunately, only some of the audience knew what ‘Hairy Panda’ was about and changing the lyrics for their biggest song was a bit of a ‘fail’ for Spector.

To be honest, this left an unsavoury taste in my mouth and it was a tad embarrassing. Both Chris and Jed from the band weren’t particularly happy about it afterwards and Fred apologized for the incident on Twitter.

I really enjoyed the band’s performance though and I look forward to seeing them without a stage invasion.