Shave or Dye? I Dyed!

ShaveorDyeIDYEDThe past few weeks have been extremely hard. But when I decide to do something, especially something like Today FM’s Shave or Dye, there was no way I would ever not do it.

So yesterday I had hair that covered my ears. I had to go and get ‘prepped’ so the hair was chopped. Today I went into the Style Club to get dyed. I was number 004 on the list. I’m absolutely wrecked so I’ll write a little tomorrow.. Here’s a shot of my head just after it was done. Thanks to Damien, our colourist who is attempting the World Record for most heads dyed in 24 hours. An absolute gent. Thanks to Gill and all the Today FM gang who were so good to us also.

Thanks to everyone who has donated, much appreciated. Don’t forget you can still donate to the Shave or Dye campaign for The Irish Cancer Society at

[Edit: Thanks also to the girl on the 39 bus this morning who gave me a donation on the way in!]