RunawayGO’s Fiona O’Kane soundtracks new Durex ‘Earth Hour’ advert


It’s no secret that RunawayGO are one of my favourite Irish bands, now lead singer Fiona O’Kane has taken a giant leap in becoming the voice equivalent of a household name. O’Kane is featured singing a cover of The Four Tops’ ‘I can’t help myself’ on the Durex advert to #TurnOffTurnOn during Earth Hour on Saturday March 29 between 830pm and 930 pm.

The soundtrack features O’Kane singing in what seems like a more delicate fashion than when surrounded by a full band accompaniment. With a new album due for release this year, it can do the band’s cause no harm at all.

Here’s the ad:

Here’s RunawayGo:

[Edit 31/3 Fiona posted a video for the track online today, here it is]