Review: Keith Moss – The War Outside Our Door

Keith MossDublin based musician Keith Moss is back with a new three track single ‘The War Outside Our Door’. Moss is known for his quirky social commentary and this guitar led indie pop track is no different. Think 80’s American indie a la Psychedelic Furs or Pixies with some airy vocals and you’ll have where this track is. This is a definite grower, the more you listen the better it gets.

‘Burn Away Inside’ is more like what I’m actually listening to all the moment. Sparse electronic beats with guitars,keys and vocals. The vocals lie beautifully upon layers of instrumentation. Very different from the previous track but it’s a great indication of what a varied musician Moss is.

The final track ‘The Memory Store’ almost melds what we have seen from Moss in the previous two tracks. In his mixing laboratory, he has again used electronic magic alongside guitars but what separates this tune is the clearness of Moss’ vocals. This is what early nineties indie in 2012 sounds like. Best track on this single for me and leaves itself open for some awesome remixes.

This isn’t bad at all, the further into material you go, the better Moss gets. More of that please.