Some reading material

Just finished my essay, I have to say its the hardest i’ve ever worked on an essay so fingers crossed I’ll do well. I’m a bit mad sometimes me! I think I work better under pressure. The last couple of times I’ve had to hand in essays for college I’ve been ill so It was always left to the very last moment.

This time we got a bit of an extension, everything to be handed in by tomorrow. Thanks to my insomnia this week and getting our video project done it ended up  that I was doing it Thursday and Friday but I just couldn’t get my head around it. It wasn’t like it was way tough for anything, I just wasn’t in the right headspace for it.

So for E Society I did this:

Option 6:

the Web 2.0 revolution is decimating the ranks of our cultural gatekeepers, as professional critics, journalists, editors, musicians, moviemakers, and other purveyors of expert information are being replaced. … For the real consequence of the Web 2.0 revolution is less culture, less reliable news, and a chaos of useless information.” (Keen, 2007: 16) What are the implications of the ‘Web 2.0 revolution’ for multimedia professionals?

I’ve been lucky enough previously to this, once i started an essay I’d just sit down and after about 7 hours I’d have the thing completed. I’ve been coming out with between 67/69 on my essays ehich I was pleased with but a little pissed I didn’t get a first. I think altogether this one took me about 20 hours to write, which is totally unlike me.

After a nice chat with my lecturer following my last assignment he told me it was basically because my referencing was all over the place (anyone who reads my college writings pages) could’ve probably told me that. Knowing that I need 62% in this assignment to get a first overall was an incentive but also a slight hinderance in the ‘ooh you better not fuck up’ stakes.

So I guess this could go two ways, either I’m a bloody genius and Henry Jenkins in MIT wants me to be a guest lecturer or Its completely crap and I chose to do the wrong essay.

The semester in college this year was really tough for me, getting up every morning was tough. I felt that after being in hospital for most of the summer I didn’t really get a break. Now I’m really trying to make the most of the six week break, already half of its gone. I’m doing a lot of video and audio editing.

One of the things I found last semester, I think partly because of the medication I was on for the DVT was that I didn’t seem to have much concentration for very long. Things that I’m normally ok at in college, I just couldn’t concentrate on. Flash was that for me but I’m delighted with myself because instead of complaining, i know that’s something I needed to work on, got myself a couple of books and now it’s all making sense to me.(That’s what I did with my Amazon voucher). I even have bought a Javascript bible so I’m all ready for next semester!

That was a long day!

….nessy out!