Milk: Try EP Review

MILK Try Ep CoverFormed in 2009, Milk are a band with definite blues rock undertones. Claiming influences from John Mayer to Rob Thomas, Milk are a bit different to a lot of bands around at the moment.

They show their blues side throughout the EP and have it worked into a good contemporary sound. I wouldn’t describe it as pop though, there are hints but it’s probably verging more on an AOR, American radio sound,  if anything. Produced by John Henry, the EP is a good introduction to the band, starting off with the title track, ‘Try’. Nice hooks, good musician ship, good production make this EP quite a surprise.

The EP flows together nicely, track two, ‘Weak At the Knees’ opens with some great guitar work, we can hear the Rob Thomas vocal influence here. ‘Why Do You Ask’ features some subtly smooth bass lines. The drumming throughout the EP must also be noted. The EP ends with ‘Up The Hill’, a more uptempo track than its predecessors, with a ‘live jam’ feel.

Overall the EP is smooth, production and musicianship is good, the guys have a definite sound and this is a great debut release. What’s next for Milk? I’d love to see them develop their sound, adding a little more uniqueness to stand apart from other blues influenced acts.  This is top notch stuff for a debut.

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