Mickey Harte: Not Wasting Another Day Review

Mickey-Harte Photo credit Zoran Orlic, Zero StudioMickey Harte has been round the block a bit, its nine years since he won You’re A Star and went to Eurovision. And being honest that’s probably what he’s still best known for. He’s got a new album coming out though, ‘Man’s Aloud To Dream’ (nice pun eh?), ‘Not Wasting Another Day’ is the new single.

‘Not Wasting Another Day’ is a mid-tempo inoffensive track with a summery slightly country blues feel. It’s acoustic guitar led and there are some really nice guitar lines on it but for me there’s not enough ‘umpf’ when you get to the chorus, just not enough build up. I think Mickey Harte’s (when did he drop the Joe?) target audience may have got slightly older. But, saying that you can expect to hear this on every local radio station in the country and he’ll be selling out venues across the country.