John Lennon/Citroën Anti Retro Advert

Thanks to trying to get assignments finished up, I’ve a few things I need to get off my chest, that I haven’t had time to rant about.

Here’s the first:

This nice John Lennon Citroën Advert has been on television for a while now. Some clever eejit decided that replacing John Lennon’s voice from a 1968 BBC interview with a rerecorded voiceover by someone else would be a great way to sell their product.

FAIL! No it’s not! It’s John Lennon! Do you really think Mr Lennon would ever have participated in such corporate crap? I don’t. Being honest, I’m not sure if I blame Citroën or John Lennon’s estate more for this, Yoko, what are you like?

I guess though it has succeeded in getting people talking though..

Down with this sort of thing!

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Here’s the original advert:

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