Jerome’s Law: Knives at Concrete E.P. review

JeromesLawJerome’s Law have been on the scene for a while now, figuring out their sound and gaining a decent reputation. Knives at Concrete is their first proper release though and shows a lot of promise from the Dublin based band.

Jerome’s Law are an alternative band, not totally psychedelic, not 100% indie.  Throwing Stones starts the E.P. with a long guitar and vocal build up. At about two minutes into the track the force of the full band can be heard. Keyboard whirls, gritty guitars and drums combine to maximum effect. The song dips down again to vocals and guitar. Probably not the kind of thing you’re going to hear on your radio but well worth a listen for the song structure and musicianship.

‘Adding and Subtracting’ is more of an indie tune than its predecessor. The drum and bass led track builds up with layers of instruments. Just when you think it can’t build anymore the subtle addition of harmonies raises this again. Definitely indie with a sprinkle of psychedelic. 

Quirky drumbeats and percussive sounds hail the start of ‘Safe’, a sixties tinged track with which everything comes together beautifully, proving Jerome’s Law have more than one trick up their sleeve. Hammond organs hail ‘Just Don’t Ask’, back in psychedelic mode, layers of instrumentation build up leaving the feeling that the track is shorter than its four minutes and fifty seconds.

Decent introduction to the band, especially when an album is on the way. The E.P is launched with a gig in The Lower Deck, Portobello, Dublin on July 1st.