Eleanor McEvoy: Deliver Me/The Thought of You Review

Deliver Me - Eleanor McEvoyEleanor McEvoy released her eighth album in 2010. ‘Deliver Me/The Thought of You’ is the new Double A single from ‘I’d Rather Go Blonde’.

The track ‘Deliver me’, touches on the religious theme that McEvoy has previously touched on in ‘Precious Little’. A church organ with a gospel vibe makes this an instant toe tapper. The single mix from Ruadhri Cushnan (George Michael, Mumford & Sons) instantly gets to the lyrics and builds up beautifully before one minute has passed, making it spot on for radio.

There really isn’t an A or a B track side here. ‘The Thought of You’, this time mixed by Ciaran Byrne, again shows McEvoy at her best. Catchy hooks, memorable chorus and oh so subtle effects on the backing vocals make this another gem.

So why would someone release a double AA? It seems that some parts of the country seem to latch on to a certain type or style of song more than another. So why would you want to alienate that audience. Great move by McEvoy and with more great tracks on ‘I’d Rather Go Blonde’, the album still has lots of legs.