David Hope and The Henchmen: Hell or High Water Review

hell or high water‘Hell or High Water’ is the new single from David Hope and The Henchmen. I had been familiar with David’s work as a solo artist but he joined forces with Eoin Jordan and David Murphy in 2009. So far the results are looking good.

‘Hell or High Water’ is a melting pot of traditional American country, traditional Irish and rootsy Americana. The Declan Sinnot (Horslips, Christy Moore) production on the track allows Hope’s vocals to breathe while surrounded by a fantastic arrangement. Subtle electric guitar licks and bass never overpower while a brushed snare rhythm drives the track on.

Wasn’t sure I was going to like this but with each listen there’s something else to take note of, like the chorus backing vocals you don’t even realise are there. Liking it more with each listen, can’t wait to hear more material.