David Bowie reveals new video and new album details


DavidBowie-bannerSo far 2013, seems like it could be the year of the re-emerging artist, yesterday Suede, today on his 66th birthday good ole, David Bowie decides to show off his new video for Where are we now?, his first release for ten years and if that wasn’t enough, gives us details of his new album, ‘The Next Day’ which is according to iTunes ‘expected on March 12’ .

‘Where Are We Now?’ seems to be a retrospective of Bowie’s time in Berlin, it will be interesting to see if the rest of the album will go along with the same theme. If Bowie is looking back at his musical life, I’m sure he has a wealth of rock n’roll stories to tell. I’d love to hear them.

I love how even on his 66th birthday Bowie is still pushing technology and this can be seen with clever green screening in his video. I’ve booked March 12 off in my diary to sit and listen to ‘The Next Day’.