Culture Cafe on RTE 2XM Show 13 Playlist and Podcast: 19/10/2011

Culture Cafe 13Really enjoyed getting this show together, here’s what happened

1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads

2. The Dead Flags: You Got It Wrong

3. Chat with Leah Johnston from Abära International Disability Film Festival

4. Rams Pocket Radio: Dietar Rams Has Got The Pocket Radio

5. Jape: You Got The Love

6. Chat with Pat Coldrick

7. Pat Coldrick: Lament

8. Event Guide with Kev McCabe

9. Chat with Adrienne Geoghan about Images Without Borders exhibition

10. Patrick Wolf: House

11. Handsome Furs: Memories of the Future

12. We Cut Corners: Go Easy

13. Chat with Mark Geary

14. Mark Geary: See-Saw

You can also listen to a podcast with my full chat with Mark Geary.. it’s just in the post after this one…

Thanks for listening.. DONT FORGET!!! You can listen to Culture Cafe this Sunday night between 10-12 as part of the 2XM on 2fm night.. Glorious FM stereo!