C-c-c-changes – A New Radio Show!

OleTimeRadioThe past couple of months have been a bit strange, constantly travelling between Dublin and London. I started a new job in London just over two weeks ago and now, little by little normality is starting kick back into place.

There’s still a lot to do but one thing that automatically makes me feel surrounded by normality. My day job is now in a niche nationally broadcast radio station and I also work across the brands magazines and do a bit of video production. That’s all behind the scenes, no one ever sees or hears what I do, so having a new radio show to make every week, is, in itself, an creative outlet for me, it’s something I do and look forward to. It’s part of me, simple as.

So relocating, I decided I would start a new radio show. Culture Cafe was amazing, it ran for four years, since September 2009, two on DCUfm and two on RTE 2XM. Traveling between Dublin and London over the past while though, pointed out a few things, like the fact to cover arts and culture, it’s pretty much a requisite that you’re in the city or country that you are covering. Otherwise, you’re looking in from the outside. Saying that if time permits, sometime in the future, I may turn Culture Cafe into a London based podcast.

So the new show, The London Ear, starts tomorrow at 2 pm on RTE 2XM. (Here’s a link for you to listen). I still have to get proper logos sorted, this will be a work in progress.

With The London Ear, I will look at new music from the UK and Ireland, both new and more established artists. I hopefully will chat to lots of them and also have a regular ‘Free Download’ and ‘Album of the Week’ segments. Although the show is based and recorded in London, it is broadcast in Ireland, so every week I’ll be chatting to an Irish artist, whether they live in the UK, are passing through the UK or are a British artist about to head to Ireland.

If you or someone you know fits into that, send me a mail nessy @ nessymon.com (Take out the gaps).. Onwards and upwards! I hope you join me on the ride!

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