Arthur’s Day


There’s probably not a blog in the land that isn’t talking about Arthur’s Day, so I’m not going to be different on this occasion!

Thanks to the crap Summer I had, I didn’t get Arthur’s Day tickets – I was in hospital.

This morning I find a message from Terry saying he might have a couple of ticket for The Church for tomorrow night.

Terry, you’re a legend! He’s also hopefully, going to be a contributor on the Culture Cafe (I’ll put a word in if it helps to get his own show too).

What’s Arthur’s Day? Its 250 years of Guinness basically! At 17.59 tomorrow (Guinness Mean Time), nice folk in establishments across the globe will lift a glass and toast Arthur Guinness!

Some of the world’s top musical acts are playing in Dublin tomorrow, The Black Eyed Peas, Calvin Harris, Sir Tom Jones to mention just a few. There are bigger venues running proper gigs and then ‘the locals’ where Irish Acts will play but will have a Special Guest..

None of  the artists for ‘The Locals’ will be announced until tomorrow evening.

Should be a good couple of days in Dublin, Arthur’s Day tomorrow and then on Friday, there’s Culture Night.

It’s a hell of a long time since I drank Guinness.. !

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