Art Brut: Lost Weekend Review

Art Brut- Lost WeekendRaw or Rough art describes the genre of painting ‘Art Brut’ and it pretty much does the same for the British/German band of the same name.

Their new single ‘Lost Weekend’ produced by Black Francis is out on May 13th with the Album ‘BRILLIANT TRAGIC!’ out a week later.

Previous knowledge of Art Brut would no doubt have Eddie Argos’ shouty vocal style and lyrics as the dominant factor. Here though, Argos almost sings in a apologetic nature about a, well, ‘Lost Weekend’ as opposed to ‘Good Weekend’  or even ‘Bad Weekend’ as previously recorded by the band.

Clever lyrics and refrains will make this an instant Festival classic. There are nice little production touches to match the lyrics, ‘dance to a song that I still don’t know, It was late. I was drunk, it was the radio’.. followed by a hint of a guitar riff from The Rolling Stone’s Satisfaction. The ‘I’m sorry if I embarrassed you’ will get in your head and stay there.

Like it! Nice artwork too.

You can see the video for the song, directed by Alex De Campi on Pitchfork..

Listen below:

Art Brut – Lost Weekend by lelephantvolant