Acoustra: The Way It Used To Be EP

AcoustraSeeing as it’s Monday, I thought I’d spread a little happiness and pass this on. Acoustra have decided to give away their  ‘The Way It Used To Be’ EP. Great, something for nothing, what’s it like though?

What we find with ‘The Way We Used To Be’ is that Acoustra have updated the auld ballad. The country tinged track is a tale of woe of poor old Ireland. This won’t be for everyone but it’s exactly what you’ll hear on radio. While this track may ask ‘What happened to the country?’, it’s not downbeat and actually quite positive. The ‘What Happened to the Country?’ refrain is quite infectious and you’ll remember it long after the track has ended.

Next up is the instrumental ‘Techno Trad’ which is exactly as described. Irish trad mixed with contemporary beats and sounds. I’m not one for the diddley eye die stuff (I can’t even spell it) but this is actually quite good. Nice and refreshing. ‘Gypsy Queen’ is another instrumental track led by an accordion, It’s recorded and mixed well and builds up well to the addition of a bass about the minute mark. I’d love to hear a heavier bass in it as per ‘Techno Trad’. ‘Analyse’ closes out the EP. A mid tempo track with good harmonies, good musicianship and great production.

It’s not a bad EP at all, probably a tad too Oirish for me but when these guys have already raised over half a million euro for orphan children for the Irish Society of Azerbaijan, I’ll cut them some extra slack.

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