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Tune of the Week: Jones // Indulge

There’s nothing better in the world than finding a piece of music that makes you sit up and take notice from the first note. And from the opening second of ‘Indulge’, the buzz from the electric guitar gives a slight raw feeling but when Jones‘ vocals kick...


Tune of the Week // Shura – Indecision

I love music, I really do, it’s always been the driving force in me really. A few years ago, my mum got some old 8mm home movies transferred onto VHS and there’s me, aged 2/3, singing into a long stick I had stuck into the ground for...


Tune of the Week // runaway [Go] – Ashes

It’s been a while since we heard from Belfast based, runaway [Go]. Over the past year or so the band have been working on their debut album, ‘Alive’. As well as announcing the track listing for the album, they’ve also announced a new single, Ashes. The track...