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Tune of the Week // Hare Squead // If I Ask

Who ever would have thunk that Dublin could sound this awesome? Hip, fresh and funky as hell. Hare Squead are hail from Dublin, are signed to Columbia Records, and according to their press blurb, ‘Their shared central African heritage combined with a mutual love for skating, music and chicken fillet rolls has cemented them as...


Tune of the Week // Rusanango Family – Lights On

It can be hard keeping up with new Irish music when you’re living abroad. I’m not too far away but it can be easy to lose track. One Irish act that almost passed me by were Rusanango Family and thanks has to go to Goldenplec’s Plec Picks for 2016 for pointing me in their direction....


Tune of the Week // Shura feat Talib Kweli – Touch

This song has been rolling round my head for longer than when Annie Mac made this version with Talib Kweli her ‘Hottest Song in the World’. The original version has been knocking round for two years now but hasn’t been available to purchase for the past while. As the Indecision, 2Shy and White Light were...


Tune of the Week // The 1975 – The Sound

I’ve always had a soft spot for The 1975. Their first album intrigued me, it seemed to be broken into different sections, each varying slightly in style. So far, tracks from their second album, the creatively titled, ‘I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’ due out...


Tune(s) of the Week // Fins A Luminous – Setting Souls / Funeral Shake

Working under the moniker, Fins A Luminous, Joe Bond and Ross Saunders have recently released a AA single. ‘Setting Souls’ is the A side, while ‘Funeral Shake’ is the AA. ‘Setting Souls’ immediately grabbed attention, dark electronica that makes you want to dance, with timelessly clever soulful vocal line that could be from any era....

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