The Minutes

Tune of the Week 27/07/2012: The Minutes

The MinutesOver the past few years, I’ve been lucky enough to get to know a lot of Irish bands and one that stood out for me since I heard the first tracks they recorded were The Minutes. Their debut album ‘Marcata’ is one of the best Irish rock n roll albums ever, I adore it.

Since before the release of the album the guys, haven’t stopped gigging their asses off and have just announced that they will be on tour with The Hives in December and will also pack a show in Whelan’s on December 7th.

Time flies and The Minutes have just released their ‘fourth and last song’ from Marcata, hopefully that means that there will be a new album from The Minutes sometime in 2013.

‘Gold’ is this week’s Tune of the Week and is available now on iTunes

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