The Shower Scene EP Review

The Shower Scene EP Cover
The Shower Scene EP Cover

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The Shower Scene

Occasionally a band comes along and makes you go ‘Wow!’. The Shower Scene have been together for little over a year but from the first note on their debut E.P. sound like they are old pros.


Taking elements of Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy and the likes, The Shower Scene mould together an edgy emo/punk rock sound that is often not done well on our shores. Produced by Neal Calderwood, the five track E.P. sparkles with professionalism. Clever lyrics, catchy choruses and guitars turned up to 11 ensure The Shower Scene never miss a beat in the E.P.’s 17 minutes.


It’s not surprising to hear that The Shower Scene have ready opened for Fall Out Boy and are currently in the US on tour. Catch them before you have to pay lots of money!