The London Ear // Show 231

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Hello Hello Hello, what do we have going on here then? Well, over the past few weeks, it’s seems like there’s been a lot of chat on the show. That’s not saying anything bad, at all, about my wonderful guests. But since I only get an hour each Saturday, I really wanted to have the opportunity to catch up with some music I haven’t yet had the chance to play on The London Ear.

And boy! There’s some great bloody music out at the moment.

The London Ear Show 231 // Feb 2 2019 Playlist

Here’s what I played on this week’s show

1. Sweet Harmony: Born Stranger
2. Glen Hansard: I’ll Be You, Be Me
3. Munky: You’ve Got Male
4. Daniel John Paxton: Railway Line
5. Barry Jay Hughes: Diving In
6. Soak: Knock Me Off My Feet
7. Tanjier: Crave
8. Sibeal: Human
9. Exiles: Rearview Mirror
10. Empire Circus: Salt
11. Talos: The Light Upon Us
12. The Murder Capitals: Feeling Fades
13. Empire Circus: Salt
14. Thanks Brother: We Caught It
15. At Pavillion: Believers

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A Big P.S.

Last week, there were some changes by the Advertising Standards Authority in the United Kingdom in relation to gifts and adverts sent to bloggers and then shared on social media. As I live in London, this technically includes me as a blogger. Bands, record companies and PRs send me music to play on the radio, often before release day. The music would not be available to purchase by the general public before release day. I receive music from artists with no expectation of play (obviously they’d like me to play it). There are often tracks that I want to play that I do not receive from bands or their representatives. I pay for these myself.