The London Ear 267 // Darce

The London Ear with Darce

What’s up?

It’s been a mental week for me. Truly. Since the news filtered out that RTE’s digital services are to be no more, it has given me an extra oomph to show how important is to highlight new arts and culture in Ireland and with the Irish community outside Ireland.

Interview with Darce

I was delighted to be able to catch up with Cork hip hop / urban / pop artist, Darce on this week’s show. The man just seems to be releasing a shedload of tracks at the moment, including collaborations with Will De Burca and Jack Rua.

I love when the conversation flows. We chatted about his music, his positivity, his film and acting work and more.

You can find Darce on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Also, shout out to Darce’s mum Lillian who listened to the show. Rumour has it, she’s now our number 1 fan! 🙂

Photo of Darce by Vanessa Ifediora, taken from Facebook.

The London Ear 267 // November 16 2019 Playlist

Here’s what went down on this week’s episode of The London Ear.

1. Midnight Wayne: Stars
2. Cronin: There’s a Darkness
3. Danny G, Fehdah and Zaska: Time The Healer
4. Greywind Desolate
5. Underachiever DC
6. Slow Riot: G.A.D.
7. Interview with Darce
8. Darce feat BC & Arian: Get Out
9. Interview with Darce (Part 2)
10. Jack Rua + Darce + Porridge: Rise
11. George Michael: This is How

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Thanks for listening, The London Ear broadcast on DAB radio, Saorview and outside Ireland you can listen online. You can listen to the show again on the RTE player including all previous episodes. The show is broadcast every Saturday at 1300. .

News about RTE Digital Stations

As per last week, you may have heard on the news, or read on the pages of this blog, RTE has announced plans to cease their DAB broadcasting. I received an email saying that everything would continue as normal for the time being. Either way, The London Ear will continue, providing a platform for the Irish community in London. I’ll keep you posted but for the time being, it’s business as usual.

If you’re Irish, outside Ireland and would like to get involved. Please get in touch.