The Capitals: Take Everything review


When I was in secondary school I spent my summers working in a local shop and babysitting the local brats. With the combined age of 47, The Capitals are not only releasing their debut single ‘Take Everything’ but are also on the bill for this year’s Oxegen Festival. So not a bad summer holiday for them.

‘Take Everything’ is a upbeat rock-punk-esque track with a Strokes/Hives influence. For a trio of 15/16 year olds, The Capitals show they are competent musicians. The tracks structure of verse refrain (x2) breakdown, refrain make it just a tad predictable. I’m not sure the effect on the lead vocal needed to be so prominent throughout the whole track but again, this is a first release for a group so young and its by no means a misfire.

Track 2 on the single, ‘Save it Til The Morning’, is a slightly slower tempo track. Here, thankfully, the vocals are given their own room and this track shows the band in a slightly more mature light. The great thing is that these guys have resisted going the pop-punk route and are sticking to their roots. The CD single closes with ‘I Met A Woman’, which has a really catchy refrain and at times these guys remind me of Irish band ‘The Spikes’.

Its a good three track debut which should open a few doors for The Capitals, another year or two, with a few more life stories to tell and a little more experience and these guys should be on top of the Irish scene.

This was written for MusicReviewUnsigned